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Sarah Kay

Often imitated, never equalled.

With her unique and authentic style, Sarah Kay is the artist who made millions of girls worldwide dream during the 70s and 80s: girls who are now mums…

Sarah Kay depicts a romantic and naïve universe, a childhood filled with happiness, sweetness and tenderness. Her drawings cover all subjects children love: friendship, nature, animals, play….

An art school graduate, Sarah Kay began her career working for an advertising agency in Australia. When her daughter became very ill, Sarah Kay needed something to entertain her. She began drawing happy children, set in peaceful and natural backgrounds, which were recollections of her own childhood spent on her own grandparents’ farm.

Success Begins

When her first 20 drawings were ready, Sarah Kay offered them to one of the biggest Australian greetings cards publishers. Sarah Kay’s success began there and then. Sarah Kay is discreet by nature; she avoids advertisement and interviews, and works in the utmost secrecy. This makes each of her drawings a little more precious. The success of Sarah Kay’s greetings cards spread very fast around the world, particularly in Europe. Soon Sarah Kay’s drawings grew beyond the realm of greetings cards. In the early 80s, many Sarah Kay products appeared on the market: books, dolls, puzzles, bed linen, tableware….

Stories are coming from all over the world and Hemma Publishing, Sarah Kay’s historic publisher, is submerged by mails urging Sarah Kay to come back. All evokes Sarah Kay as being the artist of their childhood, who awakes happiness, emotion, recollections, and especially desire to have her back and to make their children discover this wonderful world.

Sarah Kay’s universe can extend in all sectors for licensing including but not limited to apparel, footwear, ceramics, tableware, bed linen, dolls, toys, soft furnishings, bags, accessories, toiletries, stationery.

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Hey, dear, how are things? Are you still in England?
And are you scrapbooking?
Miss you!
Happy Easter!!